Hair Care Basics

Hair Care Basics

Follow these tips when caring for your hair and you’ll see as improving their appearance immediately.

  • Always use products specifically for your hair type, which is if you can not ask your hairdresser!
  • Levato hair that you always dirty.
  • Clear your hair thoroughly; residues of dirty hair and can irritate the scalp.
  • Clear your hair with warm water or almost cold, avoid very hot water and it hurts.
  • Dry yourself gently with a towel!
  • Beware of the dryer and the iron, there is now protection products to use to dry your hair before you use them!
  • Desenredate hair with care is careful breaks.
  • Use natural bristles brushes are quite expensive but very good for hair.
  • Apply a mask once a week; use a mask for your hair type.
  • Try to dry your hair outdoors whenever possible.
  • Get it cut every 6 to 8 weeks.

Normal Hair
Your hair is normal if you have natural size, easy to comb because you any hair shape it easily, the hair is neither too thick nor too thin, but has a normal texture and has elasticity when styling.

You have fabulous hair! Take care!
How Normal Hair Care?
Very easy, follow these tips;

  • Use a shampoo with a neutral pH.
  • Always apply a mild conditioner, put emphasis on all the tips and give yourself a massage on the scalp.
  • Always get clear warm water, not too hot because the hot water is very aggressive for the hair.
  • Wash them every three days or when you get dirty, you do not wash it every day.
  • If you’ve dyed your hair, use special products to care for hair dyeing.
  • Do not forget to wear a mask for your hair type at least once a month.
  • What do you have a wonderful hair that does not mean you neglect it? Take care!

Dry Hair
Your hair is super dry if you find it difficult to comb, if you have knots and curls, you is not bright, it looks dull and dehydrated, also when you comb it breaks easily.

How to Care for Dry Hair?
The hair is easily damaged by dyes, sun, high temperatures, chlorine or salt… all these external agents can make your hair dry so it is important that you give special care:

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo especially for dry, brittle hair.
  • If you have also used a hair dye, dry dyeing, today women are lucky enough that there is almost a product to solve any problem.
  • Apply conditioner always; use cream conditioners, which are special to your hair with moisturizing oils such as olive or almond, for example.
  • Use an extra moisturizing and nourishing mask every week, a good trick is to leave it on for a couple of hours and wear a shower cap or transparent paper from the kitchen to the product to penetrate better.
  • Avoid as much as possible of the sun, chlorine or salt, always bring along the beach or pool a special protective material.
  • When you dry your hair with the dryer, secatelo in lower temperature to avoid damage when possible.
  • Comb carefully so that you will not be broken.
  • To prevent curl always use a few drops of hair serum on the ends, this will help.
  • Cut often, especially the ends to clean it up as much as possible.

Oily Hair
If you have oily hair you dirty super fast when you do not comb nothing lasts hairstyles, hair is caked and hard you hold it steady.

How to Care for Oily Hair?
If you have oily hair you should pay special attention to hygiene, to keep it clean and care and so facilitate your hair, follow these steps carefully:

  • Whenever you wash them dirty.
  • Use a special shampoo for oily hair, avoid aggressive products.
  • Use a conditioner if you tangle a lot, but remember, especially for your hair type.
  • Apply a special mask for oily hair, astringent to regulate oil production and give hair a natural shine.
  • If you are messy is better to take in a ponytail or bun, try to prevent hair fall on your face.
  • Tinel or give reflections that will help regulate fat, regular consultation with your hairdresser can help you improve your appearance.

Brittle Hair
Your hair is fragile if your hair is sensitive and delicate, well you chop the head and scalp sometimes you red.

How Fragile Hair Care?
Follow this care to improve their appearance

  • Use a gentle shampoo for sensitive hair, there are many pharmacies that will help you strengthen it further.
  • Use conditioner on the ends; use a conditioner with soothing and empowering.
  • When you wash your hair yourself a gentle massage on the scalp.
  • Try not to scratch if you itch very often go to your pharmacist or dermatologist, maybe you’re using a product that is not going well for your hair type.
  • Peinatelo carefully, avoids exposure to high temperatures when using the dryer air is cold.
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