Fresh Look

Fresh Look

Look as sophisticated as little makeup … something that seems impossible but it is not.

One of the most surprising things of this makeup is that the skin is absolutely transparent.

How is this done?

Just goes makeup. It only takes a moisturizer mixed with four drops of foundation so that the skin looks very bright and a bit of concealer light texture of the same color of skin to cover skin imperfections minimum.

To seal this spell and remove the shine from which are not conducive, “the slightest stroke of transparent colorless powder with a thick brush, so the translucent powder that gives more blurred and natural.”

When getting a fresh, light skin is very important to clear your skin and do not miss the slight glossy shine of natural skin, if you apply too much of this subtle luster dust disappear.

This effect is very flattering and I shall always great in any make as long as the skin is thin and pretty.

The eyes are not too much makeup, just enough to give expression to the eyes and a light that illuminates the fixed eyelid and the eyebrow arch.

With a flat brush is applied to the eyelid of the eye shadow is dark brown and fading from the lash line up to the eye socket.

Now to reinforce the line of tabs, the technique is to draw the line really close to the lashes with a brush bevel and shadow in black powder on the eyelid and blend upwards. Then, with a golden beige shade, I highlight: the center of the eyelid, the lacrimal and the skin under the lower lashes.

The mask, in this case only applied to the upper lashes from root to tip, so that they are well groomed and defined, eliminating any possible spiraling clean “blob” and giving them the desired shape, eyelashes only have less hair.

Cheeks, brown bears pink cream blush, applied directly with fingers on the cheekbones and blending into the ear and the light point of the cheekbone.

Also highlighted is the light pontos very gently, with a product also in the skin cream does not lose this natural texture, blurring the illuminator with the cream blush, without see any cuts.

In the mouth has been given a hint of caramel which is very flattering, to make it a fresher look while “casual” does not have shaped lips, it has been applied directly to the brightness with the help of a brush. Playing with the naturalness of all the makeup and getting a striking effect of hydration. This is achieved with a lip gloss cherry color and gloss, “although it takes less, the effect we are looking for transparent and attractive lips is best accomplished with a brightness of this type, there is not much color pigment.

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