Fashion Trends Fall Winter 07-08 (Part-1)

Fashion Trends

Girls are in luck because this season’s fashion favors.

Unlike many other autumn, this season wears clothes that really helps, if you’ve seen on the catwalks and fashion, many styles, and many of them as ever too bold, crazy, or even impose, but we have selected Your Personal Image the trends that are kept and that can actually use, we translate for you, so read this article to know that is what takes this fall, what clothes and ultimately helps all the keys fall and winter:

The best trends this season
There are many marked tendencies unflattering and difficult to carry in your day to day, so here we “translate” the top four, which also fit with different styles and times of your day to day.

La Diva, 40’s
A look very favorecedor.imaginate the forties, a woman with curves (finally highlight them!) Marked by a large waist belt, red lips and hair wavy..

This is one of our favorite looks so much talk about the image bulletins on Friday.



  • Your party nights this fall or winter
  • A special occasion


  • Traducelo day changing the gown is so typical of this time for a suit with a pencil skirt and a wide belt on the jacket.


  • On weekends, this style means wearing Capri pants or skinny with a turtleneck sweater or neck spout and by putting a wide belt to the waist.

A masculine touch

This look is ideal for those of you who like pants and suits.

This year, the female influence, the pants are much wider and the waist coats to cintura.hemos seen in parades with a lot hombree and very straight, but my advice is that if you use cut pants in the male but top Fitted opt for the American is much more flattering.



A very elegant option tuxedo suit, an option if you do not like dresses.


Great for work, you can combine straight pants with turtleneck sweaters or thick, you can give your feminine touch with a silk blouse, a mixture of both styles is very flattering.

Fashion Trends

Romantic bohemian

The dresses are continuing this season, but a little longer (thank goodness!) Verano.el ideal length that is slightly below the knee, a length that helps to highlight the figure. But do not discard the shorter dresses too, but this time with very thick socks and colors.

Wide skirts with blouses and puffy sleeves give this bohemian touch to the two-piece outfits.



  • The dresses are ideal for night; evening dresses opt for jewelry, especially with rhinestones at the neckline


To choose your clothing the day or straight tunic with a turtleneck sweater underneath to be fashionable without being cold, these dresses tend to be wide but not neglect the so give your body.

  • styling during the day put heels platforms, in addition to comfortable win in inches easily.
  • Weekends:

    • On weekends, wool dresses with half widths of thick and flat high cane boot will give you a very flattering look bohemian; if you give your bodies a little so do not hesitate a wide belt… If you want choose a lightweight mask as cashmere.

    Rock with a touch Military

    This style tends to straight lines and hard about everything we see in shelters that are especially flattering because they add a nice touch to your look harder. Hats and pieces of leather are essential to this modern and strong.



    • Leave this style for days and weekends.


    • Coats and jackets are very flattering military court, especially tailored jackets opt in that although military influence fit the waist and favoring more.
    • If you like the leather is ready for use to give a touch more rock, especially skirts and jackets at the waist.


    Jackets and leather jackets are perfect for autumn days with jeans and high boots will be comfortable without being cold.

    The fashion accessories

    The trend for this autumn winter comes with many accessories, this is good news for those of you who want to give that personal touch to look through them, and these are carried:

    • Gloves

    Largos. esa is the key, ideal for those half-sleeve jackets or those dresses sleeved to the elbow.

    Take them in colors like orange, mustard and verde.que noticeable!

    • Hats

    Caps with visors or hats more retro, if you dare choose small berets or hats with visors, but at least one should have.

    • Scarves, scarves and foulards

    Thick and colorful knotted around his neck, perfect for putting on these tailor tailored jackets.

    • Heels and boots

    Platform shoes or heels hall-but take a lot. If you’re not choose those with wider heels are comfy.

    The boots are another key piece of the season, also with heels or platform, with laces or without, your choice.

    • Portfolio Bags

    Both small and large for the nights for dia. Favorecen much the look of tailored jacket and skirt or pants skinny width.

    • Seat widths

    We love because it really highlights the figure of the woman with curves! … Put them on coats, jackets, shirts and dresses.

    • Wide Bracelets

    If you are the jewel of the season, the wider the better.

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