Fashion Season

Fashion Season

The use of the waist belt and located in the shoes “peep toe” wasted glamor.

What are the materials of fashion season?
The fashion season is also governed by different materials such as leather, wool sweaters for dresses and extra-wide and long, silk and satin shirts and dresses, especially in leather jackets, pants.

What colors trendsetters?

We found a great variety of colors this season. Red is widely used in garments such as jackets base cloth, shoes, maxi-bags.

Colors like black, gray skin color and continue to be used in jackets, sweaters and blouses.

The pink is a color in this fashion season is used throughout its range.

We also find blues, mustard, green and orange skirts and dark sweaters.

What style is in the stores?
As is obvious to find all types of styles , we see that skinny jeans have been replaced by straight leg pants.

The high collars and wide and bulging blouses in different colors abound.

In the fashion of the season are also a variety of tailored jackets and sweaters to peak.

Not to mention the fashion accessories of this season are high cane gloves and beret with a visor.

What are the basic items in the wardrobe in the fashion of the season?
Take the opportunity to buy jackets suits and pencil skirts, a great influence has been the designer Louis Vuitton has made cuts in the 40’s, pencil skirts, gloves and berets.

Do not forget to purchase a straight pants, much stylized legs and if they are high waisted, more! This is the season fashion is taking over.

What supplements are best used in the fashion of the season?
As star fashion accessories can be selected season with open toe shoes (peep toe), wide belts and thin to fit the waist, padded bags, gloves, caps and hats.

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