Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

To all women like to enhance or hide parts of our body. The best fashion and beauty tips are reduced in 5 simple points that will help you out with the costume party.

What should I do to look taller?
One problem is that many women, who want to look taller, well, do not be discouraged; there are many tricks for styling your figure.

The first trick beauty and fashion is:

  • Use straight leg pants.
  • Wear skirts and trousers with vertical lines to visually lengthen legs.
  • Use single color dresses or suits, we stylize the figure.
  • The use of high heels is an old trick but very functional!
  • We should not use large pictures, as we widen the figure to give volume.
  • Also avoid wide leg pants.

What enhances my chest?

  • Uses shirts with ruffles or decorations in the chest area, which increases volume.
  • We can use many collars and creating volume in the area.
  • Dresses with cutouts below the breast will also be suitable.
  • The box-like necks or oval closed, we will increase more than open necklines.
  • Use a good bra, you can also try the “push-up” are very useful.

How can I hide?

  • Avoid wearing light colors, dark colors we chose to stylize and do not give volume.
  • The solid colors are more flattering.
  • You can use a pattern that is not in the chest in order to draw attention to another area.
  • Use clamps to reduce the size reduction.
  • Do not use horizontal lines, which would enhance further.
  • It is advisable to use heavy knitted or sticking to the body.

What should I do to enhance my hips?

  • If your problem is you have narrow shoulders and would like to enhance the hips, you can use accessories like belts.
  • A wide belt strengthens this area.
  • You can also use belts with rhinestones to give volume.
  • If we use narrow waist garments further enhance the area of ​​the shoulders and hips.
  • If you close you can use hip pockets, holes better than glued.
  • You can also use two-tone colors to make a horizontal line at the hips.

What trick of fashion and beauty will encourage me to hide your hips?

  • Do not use belt.
  • In case you want to use a simple and choose a color thin unsightly.
  • The single color dresses and suits you more stylized
  • Avoid pencil skirts and cigarette pants.

How broad shoulders?

  • Using large necks.
  • Safari-style jackets with flap.
  • Use horizontal lines.
  • Shirts with wide lapels ascending and horizontal lines.
  • Necks boat.

How to disguise broad shoulders?

  • Par disguise broad shoulders can add volume to the hip torque to compensate the typology.
  • Tightly closed necks shoulders, wider more against us widen.
  • Vertical lines to stylize the area.

How I can enhance the female figure?

Perfect female body shape is called the quintessential hourglass. Fashion and beauty translate this to a ratio of hip and shoulders and narrow waist.

As been seen in the above guidelines can all resemblance to this figure.

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