Eye Makeup step by step

Eye Makeup


Eye makeup is a very important part of any look and that look is always a strong point to be emphasized. The eyes are very expressive and often become the protagonists of makeup.

There are different types of eye makeup; from the simplest to the most elaborate you can use depending on the occasion. By day, the best option is to opt for a gentle eye makeup and bright. By afternoon, the Half-smoked look is an ideal choice.

And we’ll leave the more elaborate eye makeup for the night and the events or parties. It is true that as far as makeup is concerned, anything goes, but there are techniques which ensure that the result is perfect.

Let’s see how to do eye makeup step by step:
The first step is to apply a shadow based on skin tone to unify the eyelid and nuance. The cream shadows are a perfect choice because its formula is long lasting and applying powder shadow over it, “stick” and work better.

Then use a shadow to give light Clarita below the eyebrow area and tear.

The next step is to apply the dark shadows that can be mild or strong.

A good option is to apply a shadow of average intensity in the eyelid without touching the bone and blend well to melt the edge color with lighter shade. This look is ideal for the day. If we want to highlight a little more and give depth to the look, we can apply darker shadow on the outer line of the eye, marking the basin and creating a make Half-smoked. For the night, dark shadows can be used to mask the eyelid creating a smoky effect very flattering and fashionable.

The next step in eye makeup is to trace the outline with dark eyeliner for the day, the brown and blue are a perfect choice and for the night, use the black. To give more strength to the eye, we must delineate the lash line and blend upper and lower later. A good trick to hold the pencil and better fix is to review the outline with a brush and shade of the same color as the pencil.

A very important part of eye makeup is the application of mascara.

First you use a curling iron to shape and curvature and then applies the mask from the root with zig-zag movements. It is very important that the tab is well crafted to give force the makeup.

The next step is to apply a pearly amazes below the eyebrow and the tear to make a point of light.

Finally, there to comb the eyebrows and make up if necessary to give more strength to the eye, or fill a gap. The makeup of eyebrows can be done with a specific pen or a brush shade. Then you have to apply or clear gel to set the eyebrow. When choosing the color, we must take into account the tone of the brow and hair.

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