Electric shavers

Electric shavers


It is 100% effective solution is the type of hair or skin . It is therefore also able to definitively eliminate the fine hairs and blond. Electrolysis can destroy the follicle area is responsible for the regeneration of new hair, so that the root problem goes away.

Find a qualified professional with good computerized device and with good lighting and magnification devices, which use only sterile needles and single use. Within 9 months and a year have the problem solved forever if you go as often as you check the professional. No other method in the world with effectiveness and guarantees of Electrolysis. Its more than 125 years of history bear this out.

How did?
Electrolysis was born in the hands of an ophthalmologist when trying to solve the problem of the hairs of the eyelashes that were born inside. And he did. And today there are several professionals (especially in USA) that are done under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. And it is completely safe, however, in the hands of a qualified professional.

Electric shavers

What is?
Typically, within a period of 6 or 8 months from the start there is a considerable reduction in the amount of hair, frequency of sessions and time for each one of them.

That, of course, provided the customer meets a set schedule of sessions marked by the professional and subject to the same conditions in each of them, namely that the professional is the same, that the technique used is the same and so on. And of course, too, that the client does not use any other method of hair removal between sessions, except the shaving, which does not affect the phase in which hair is.

Electrolysis has no side effects if well made. The area may become red a bit after finishing the session or even swell a bit, but fades in a short time.

How long?
The total time will depend on the density of hair you have, use the professional technique and ability and experience, but not take more than a few hours of work spread over a few sessions in a total period may vary between 9 months and 1 year if you are consistent and follow the plan established session. And it’s for life. Once a follicle has been destroyed does not return to regenerate a new hair ever.

The important thing is to find a qualified professional as electric hair removal is “definitive” but the effectiveness depends largely on the person who is performing.

Electrolysis Tips
Find a qualified professional with good computerized device, and with good lighting and magnification devices, which use only sterile needles and single use.

It is enough that the hair has the minimum length to be able to catch it with tweezers. With 2 or 3 millimeters is sufficient.

When you begin the process of Electrolysis should never pluck with the tweezers as you would avoid treating them and would have to wait a few weeks for the hair back out again? This will only prolong the end.

As a general rule the person who is receiving electric hair removal treatment should not notice any hair when I pull out the specialist.

If you feel the same as when you yourself start with the clamps may not be properly destroying the area is making another return to regenerate hair in that follicle.

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