Cosmetic, Hair And Makeup Treatments

Cosmetic, Hair And Makeup

Aesthetics, hairdressing and makeup, go together to create a set for your image, because it is useless to go very well made up, if you have a skin background poorly maintained, lack of tone, with impurities or other imperfections, the makeup would not seem properly. At the same time, no point in having a super face care and makeup perfect if your hair is dirty, dull or roots, we ruin the image we want to give.

Therefore aesthetics, makeup hairdresser, they should go together. We take care of every detail to look their best, the image that will give our letter and we will influence our mood.

What care should be taken into account?
Hair: hair care for our specific products, go to the salon regularly to hone our hair cut tips, roots dyed, etc..
Skin: care for our skin by using appropriate products for each type, regularly visiting the beauty salon to guide us on the appropriate treatment for our skin and the time when we meet.
Body care: care also our hands and body in general, having the nails free of skins, or filed and settled. Like keeping your skin hydrated.
Makeup: take care of our makeup, wearing all the time what the situation requires, be it night, party, day, etc.
Clothing: We care for our clothes, this is also very important as it is useless to go well made up, with perfect skin and perfect hair if we are poorly dressed for the occasion.

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