Color in its purest form: L’Oreal Dyes

Color in its purest

I need a change! How many times have we repeated this phrase to look in the mirror in the morning? One of the most dramatic and rapid change is to change the hair color. Whether to cover some gray early (or rather abundant), or because we have applied the color has lost luster, a simple, fast and convenient application at home is the perfect solution. Is it more important? Use a prestige brand to avoid surprises. This season, we’ve tested dyes L’Oreal.

If you have already decided to try the dye have three options:

  • Undecided or if the first time, apply a temporary color. In six to eight washes will be gone.
  • If you have a few gray hairs and if you prefer a natural color but very bright, you have to use the color tone on tone. You have up to 28 washes until it disappears.
  • Definitely, you’re tired of your look and want an intense change, covering the many gray hairs and have a radiant, uses a dye Perm.

Ammonia is usually unlike the others, and penetrates the hair. You’ll get more attention, much color and shine. If your goal is to cover gray hair, remember to start with the area where most have and coat completely.

A new feature we liked most of the dyes L’Oreal is the proposal made to the range of vegetable dyes, Casting Creme Gloss. They are permanent but do not have ammonia, and incorporate a complex of vitamins to strengthen hair.

For the brown, the colors of the dyes in shades of chocolate are a real find because they remain more than three weeks, prolonging the color and increasing natural shine. And to blondes, L’Oreal Glossy incorporates the Blonds. They are spectacular because they are natural and therefore help to revitalize the fuses as a blonde lifted off or dull brown.

In both cases, the results we have seen are good and we have also seen very positive feedback from other users of these dyes L’Oreal.

Final hint: to maintain the intensity of color and brightness after several weeks of having applied a dye, it is necessary to take care of it with shampoos, conditioners and masks suitable only in this way will get to stay bright and full bodied. This, above all, must apply to the dyes use ammonia, as this opens the hair scales to allow the hair coloring.

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