Cellulite fighting

Cellulite fighting

Cellulite Treatments
Cellulite is a problem that affects most women, appears in different forms and at different stages from the first accumulations of fluid to cellulite harder and harder to remove. Currently there are treatments to undo and remove cellulite depending on each case.

Massage and drains
Improve lymphatic drainage and stimulates microcirculation. The effectiveness of massage increases when applying a cellulite cream. It is suitable for oedematous cellulite and flabby cellulite.

Is edematous cellulite in women of all ages but is most common in children and adolescents. In older women usually occurs in thick legs.

It is located mostly in the legs with a look at first sight of orange peel, with the first stages of cellulite, easy to remove.

Passive exercise
Passive exercise helps dissolve fat accumulation, getting firm and smooth the skin. Can be combined with other treatments such as mesotherapy or acupressure. It is suitable for cellulite and sagging for almost any type of cellulite.

This type of cellulite is the result of inactivity or is in women who were active and then abandoned the practice of such activity. It also occurs when people have risen sharply and lost weight.

This treatment uses acupressure boots that help eliminate fluid retention and swollen legs feel tired. It is recommended for flaccid cellulite, also for cellulite caused by poor circulation and to eliminate fluid retention. In most cases this type of cellulite is accompanied by problems such as varicose veins.

Homeopathic Mesotherapy is a technique which is injected directly into the area to try a homeopathic product. Is the treatment that works more directly without going through surgery?

It is recommended as a treatment to combat cellulite and localized hard. This cellulite in women of all ages but is most common after late teens or older. It can occur in thick legs being located mostly on the thighs. Present appearance of orange peel and bulky nodules, can lead to discomfort and poor circulation, fluid and transient pain.

Cosmetic Surgery
Like liposuction, in which aspiring fat deposits in localized areas through a cannula previously introduced into the cellulite area. This treatment is appropriate when talking about a hard cellulite but is located. This has painful symptoms and harmful to health.

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