Causes and treatments for dark circles



Look in the mirror in the morning and discover a slight bags under the eyes is one of the fears that assail us when we took a little break season, either for work well for the celebrations, or a MECL of both.

What are the causes of dark circles? The most famous is the lack of sleep. It is true that if you rest some and bad have many numbers to the dreaded swelling under the eyes appear. But this is not the only cause. Many people are affected by genetic causes. Yes, dark circles are hereditary and also the Mediterranean are more prone to allergies and we usually tanned, pigmented and depigmented us.

The whole area is very sensitive eyes. The skin is very thin and delicate and, apart from genetic causes, lack of adequate rest can lead it to swell. The most common is that they have a dark color, but only foreshadow the capillaries through the skin and give this tone.

The best treatment for dark circles or at least to get them to significantly reduce it rest. A good night’s sleep works wonders for removing dark circles. But if you need a quick solution, we propose natural and effective measures.

The first thing is to massage the area gently with fingertips and then you can apply any of the following treatments:

  • Cold milk or tea. Either solution is adequate. Put some cotton soaked in cold milk or too cold tea bags on closed eyelids area. Ideally, apply 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The cucumber. Sure you know. Wrap in a clean cloth or several thin slices of an inch thick and place the packet on the eyes closed.
  • Rosas. Place a fresh rose petals caught in a repiciente with a little hot water. Wait until the water is lukewarm and apply a dressing over the eye area. Soak the gauze and let it stand about 15 minutes.

Any of these natural solutions will help to reduce dark circles, but if you do not even devote those minutes, it is best to use makeup to conceal them. Know that not all people are equal. There are those who have deep blue and other people present in brown tones.

For dark circles violet tone corrector is advised to yellow pigments.

To the brownish and Claritas is best to use a beige concealer. The green circles to hide the orange red and blue circles almost eliminated.

In any case, remember that rest is always the best treatment, both to prevent and to eliminate them.

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