Carnival Fantasy Makeup

Carnival Fantasy Makeup

Add a touch of whimsy to your makeup
The fantasy makeup leaves a door open when creating characters and characterizations for parties like the carnival, pictures of fantasy and magical worlds, elves, fairies and nymphs playing with sets and accessories.

In this type of makeup can create an image inspired by imitating or something we want to reflect or simply an image with a touch of fantasy, but abstractly, without having to mean anything.

A good way to represent the makeup of fantasy photography, fantasy makeup beauty will be a makeup beauty led to exaggeration, often adorned with make-up outfits and accessories such as drawings, lines, rhinestones, etc. Always try to embellish a decorative makeup combined with some extraordinary makeup beauty routine or drawing strokes art form.

Body makeup (also known as body painting) is afantasy makeup is done with acuacolor, this can be done entirely with acuacolor, painting the whole body, or in combination with a more natural beauty makeup, we can use as a watercolor over the funding of makeup, there’s a myriad of different colors or soft shades or even merging with the skin tone.

How to distribute the colors is very important, as these according to their intensity and luminosity us shape the face, creating volumes and subsidence, can make all kinds of harmony, if we want the colors come alive and stand out more have been gathering to contrast without mixing complementary colors (color theory).

The beauty makeup fantasy we create with complete freedom in terms of color and lines, however if there are some guidelines to follow.

Beauty makeup techniques fantasy
When applying makeup beauty fantasy can draw on paper previously a model to see the result and decide where the design and colors to use?

Make-up adapting to the shapes of the face, not draw up as if it were a flat canvas, we adhere to it, because it is a beauty makeup and want to beautify a person.

As we shape the face to create a beauty makeup, naturally we will respect your point of highlighting the natural light.

How to distribute the colors is very important, as these according to their intensity and light shapes us and will shape the face, creating volumes and subsidence, if we are highlighting the colors come alive more, we will use complementary colors together, but without diffusing because it would not be pure. Complementary colors are those that have nothing to do with each other, they are very different, so by putting side by side stand out more and this creates a striking effect on the makeup of fantasy.

The shapes of the lines of the drawing also plays an important role, the curvatures of the lines sweeten rounded features, providing ideal sensuality to represent a female face, while the straight lines and sharp create a more aggressive and cold.

Color combinations also produce sensations, makeup artists interpret the soul giving color, they have character transmitting heat, cold, calm, joy, excitement, etc.

Fantasy makeup beauty is often used in different events, especially in shows, theaters, carnival, costume parties, Halloween and now has plenty of growth in advertising photography and high fashion.

Art and imagination are the words that describe this type of makeup is the perfect combination of beauty and fantasy makeup to look more flattering and impressive.

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