Become an easy hairstyle



Sometimes we strive to complicate our lives with natural hairstyles impossible when we feel fabulous. True, we like to innovate and follow trends, but every so often, we wear a natural hair lay the sea well and so our hair and our creativity will have a day off.

An easy hairstyle will be the key to take advantage of your natural beauty by enhancing your features and your eyes. Following this step by step you will see how is easy to perform as well as being perfect for the day to night. The first thing you do is wash your hair and apply a moisturizing mask for a silky smooth finish. Then desenredalo with a large tooth comb to avoid damage and blow dryer hand without nozzle.


If you find it easy, try to make it two partitions, as well as provide you with the task of drying; prevent you from becoming wet inside, especially if you have long hair.

Once finished, place three or four smaller partitions (depending on the amount of hair you have) and prepares to proceed with the straightening iron. You’ll have to go strand by strand is the best way to achieve a perfect smooth and durable. Make two partitions on the front face (right and left) and two in the back so, to be half the hair down, the partitions are made in the form of shade.

Draw a horizontal line leaving the first section of hair down and picks up the rest with tweezers. Pass the plate carefully and without stopping the motion at any point, otherwise the hair will be marked hot and you can not remove the mark once cooled. Keep up the strand by strand process, you get a perfect smoothing the cuticles are perfectly sealed.


Once you have all the hair ironing, smoothing to be maintained longer and the hair will not curl add a touch of cold air with the dryer.

Apply a touch of serum on your toes and / or brightness to set the hair, heating the product in your hands a few seconds and distributed throughout the hair, always sparingly so as not greasy. With the brush separates crepe crepe top section and combing your hair a bit below.

This trick will give some volume without being too exaggerated, as Eva Longoria takes the photo. To end a flexible lacquer touch throughout the hair and you have a perfect look and easy with which you’re beautiful and very natural.

If you think it still lacks something to your hair, here’s a secret: wear a headband to match the clothes you wear, can be vintage-style with rhinestones or glitter to the night or bohemian style, fabric or tortoiseshell , for a casual day look. Show you’re most natural and radiant look.

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