Beauty tips and tricks step by step

Beauty tips and tricks

How desmaquillarte if you run out of product?
If one day you run out of face makeup remover you use this home remedy:

  • Use whole milk warm up removing your skin.
  • Soak a cotton warm whole milk and apply over face.
  • Dry your skin and uses a tonic chord with her.

What should I do if after shaving the skin is red?
A great tip for after shaving your legs is to apply a cloth soaked in cold milk, this will help relieve the redness that often occurs after waxing.

How can you improve the care of my eyelashes?
To strengthen and brighten the tabs, we can apply castor oil every night. Easy to implement it is best to use a goubillon deliver the goods for all tabs.

What use is the mask of mud from the Dead Sea?
This mask is ideal for cleaning the skin and acne skins. You can apply it once a week if you have oily skin or acne and if your skin is normal once a month. You will notice a considerable change and healthier skin.

Is there a miracle plant?
Aloe vera is a cactus-shaped plant that in recent years has become very fashionable, but actually this plant has a regenerating effect on our skin, moisturizing, soothing.

This plant has many utilities, is the wildcard. It has been shown that a thermal burn treated with aloe vera deep evolves 48 hours a second degree burn.

Many cosmetics companies have introduced between their products.
Here are a list of utilities among many that can give this wonderful plant:

  • For after shaving.
  • For after the sun.
  • At burns.
  • After the waxing.
  • After the laser hair removal.
  • Irritation of skin.
  • Regeneration of scars.

How to develop your natural exfoliating

  • Mix up your shower gel and sugar.
  • Rub the area you want to do the exfoliation.
  • Must be rough spots, we should not be used in the facial area as it could be too aggressive. It is ideal for elbows, knees and ankles.

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