Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

The best secret of beauty that we can recommend is to have healthy skin and cared for.

For that we must consider the care of our facial and body skin.

Then give advice to solve these annoying problems such as dark circles and blemishes on the skin due to aging or sun.

What should I do to reduce my dark circles?
Dark circles are caused by various reasons such as, our genes or bad habits, make us look tired and have a sad expression on his face.

Do not worry, here are some beauty secrets to easy to do better.

Sleep well: The main cause of dark circles and bags for lack of sleep, it is advisable to sleep 7 or 8 hours. Sleeping on your back makes your blood flow better.

  • Bathrooms with Chamomile: Chamomile Soak two cotton balls and let stand cold for 10 minutes, is an extremely effective natural inflammation. Chamomile also works well to drive away the redness of the eyes from smoke, irritation or eyestrain.
  • Salt: As we all know, is our best ally in this case. A beauty secret is to reduce salt intake so as not to retain as much fluid. We also help reduce bags under the eyes.
  • Use a good eye contour is essential, there are specific color reduce, pocket reduction, calming effect.
  • In addition to your other eye contour beauty secret is to use mask specified for this area, there are natural masks as iced tea and natural herbs.

Is there a beauty secret for skin blemishes?
The answer is yes, to avoid stains should consider:

    Always use appropriate protective skin type and specific area of the face.

  • If you have many spots to unstressed can use a protective effect of total screen.
  • Remember that one of the great beauty secrets is to not use any leftover cream that as the years go by as they may be outdated or simply have altered the composition of the product.
  • Do not wear cologne or perfume before sunbathing as this will create stains.
  • We must avoid the sun at peak intensity and gradually, not to expose many hours in the sun.
  • After sunbathing is advisable to wash with mild soap and moisturize the skin. We recommend using “after sun” cream as it is a very moisturizing and calming effect.

If your problem is you already have stains … use these beauty secrets.

In the market we can get many products for the bleaching of stains.

Most of them will help to fade in color. There are also skin balancer, which is to regulate pigmentation in the same tone, are based mostly on plants and products de-pigmenting effect, vitamin C.

The biggest beauty secret is to have consistency to achieve results, and use quality products.

There are other more effective methods such as laser or micro-dermabrasion, which must take into account skin type, because if you have sensitive skin might not go through such methods, it is very important to advise you before with a dermatologist.

Another beauty secret is to maintain a healthy diet and detoxification of the body, drinking plenty of water and eliminating foods with toxins at least for a day.

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