Avoid frizz

Avoid frizz


A hair silky, shiny, soft … says more of us than we imagine. In contrast, a frizz quickly spread a feeling of tension that does not favor us at all. Who suffers the problem, yes it does. Masks, shampoos, treatments … sometimes even the best products solve the root problem.

The curling is often caused by moisture that gets into the hair and spreads unevenly. Most products on the market to alleviate this serious problem using silicone to stop the advance of moisture, but it seem that this is not the solution to frizz. Although there is a product (Frizz) that is touted as the result of scientific research in this line, still have to confirm that it really is the solution.

Meanwhile, to prevent frizzy hair, the most common solutions are:

  • Use a good moisturizer that restores balance and avoid the dreaded hair static and tangles. A mask according to your type of hair used frequently.
  • Remove excess moisture quickly after washing hair with a soft towel to absorb water well.
  • Dry it naturally, but if you have time, remember that the dryer should be at medium temperature to prevent excessive heat drying the hair fiber and hair curl. It will take a while, but leave the hair better. It is also advisable to use the head to direct air.
  • Another solution pair avoid frizz is to use an appropriate comb. Curly hair requires a kind of barbs that are best for straight hair.
  • If you use conditioner, try not to be too fatty, because they promote frizz. If you have straight hair, you can use a relaxer.

One of the best advices is to take care of hair and quite often cuts the ends, to clean it up.

Curly hair usually tends to frizz more, so if this is your case, you should devote more attention and care. Use a suitable shampoo and moisturizer that suits your hair type. Remember that the base is proper hydration and use a comb to go well for your type of curly hair.

It also seeks to maintain its natural appearance. If you try to straighten curly and what you get is to have curly hair. These are the best solutions to prevent frizz. They are simple, but require consistency.

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