Aquagym the best exercises for this summer



It is becoming fashionable in the water exercising, especially when the warm weather arrives and exercise while soaking want much more than jogging.

The first thing to know is that includes different forms of aqua, aqua basically a function of the tools we use for the activity or the tone you want.

The purpose of water aerobics exercises is to strengthen and tone our muscles. The exercises focus on muscle groups and work is based on doing 15 or 30 repetitions of each exercise for about 40 minutes.

The AquaCycle is a form of spinning that takes place inside a pool.

The pedaling is slower and more water pressure and, consequently, the knees do not suffer much.


The aquatic WOGA is a form similar to yoga: these moves are made, it follows the same type of breathing and moreover, being a more unstable, we have much more control body positions to avoid falling.

Aquaerobic exercises are a form widespread, as in many hotels, for example, monitors arranged to teach water aerobics in the pool. Play with your arms in and out of the water is the added value of such exercises.

The aqua running is ideal for lovers of running and jogging. The hardest thing, which is also what makes us to more quickly, we have to go making hollow, that is, pushing the water to run. Thus, increases our fatigue and therefore it is essential to take frequent breaks.

Finally, we find the Aqua box or boxing in the water. It’s like the body combat gyms, which unites various fighting techniques choreographed aerobics. Well, the Aqua box goes a step further and does just that, but under water. Water resistance will make our kicks and punches are our most intense and thus, our muscles are toned before.

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