A new year for a “new you”

A new year


I can not help, I love times like this: we are at the beginning of the year and is the perfect excuse to bring a new change in my image…

The beginning of a new year is ideal to propose new objectives, both professionally and personally and of course, image too. It’s January and of course, this is the month of plans, decisions, objectives and goals. Many of them are in just dreams because they do not have time because we have no discipline or whatever. So in this month’s article, I show you a simple key to give new life into your image and if, like me and VIP Members of Your Personal Image, you’ve set a goal to renew and improve your image, you can easily do.

In the VIP Club your personal image , the slogan for 2009 is “this year is our year,” taking us out our year to have fun party and get all our beauty challenges, so here I show you those keys easy, for this year also be your year!

A new year

As you can imagine, I love changing my look of makeup. To do this, an easy trick is to change the tone of rouge.

My latest discovery is the cream blush Bobbi Brown. I do not usually use cream blush because I have combination skin and I tend to create glare and leave the skin sticky. But since I tried this blush I’m thrilled! It not only gives a different touch to my makeup, but also the whole world knows it. My favorite color is Pink Raspberry.

Password to update the look of my hair without giving it a radical change is to become a Super Long bangs. I can put to one side or the other and if I want, remove it back.

A new year

Look for Clothing
For the clothes look this year, I’m going to do with a pair of carved clothes. Lately I’m wearing dresses and I’m used to: they are comfortable, give it a feminine touch to the figure and if you use dark stockings in winter, combined with a great booty shoe or open in front. The truth is that I have a closet full of pants, so this change will be drastic, but for the better.

I love accessories because they are accessible pieces that can completely transform your image. This year, belts, wide or narrow, on a dress, jacket or even on a coat that will give you different touch to my look.

It makes little sense fix you a lot, wear makeup and fashionable clothing, if you are fit and comfortable with your body. A good goal for this year is to start exercising if you do not. I’m leaving “religiously” to the gym twice a week, but this year I plan to start another activity as well: they can be Pilates, Body Pump, or whatever.

The case is something new to stay in shape.
Yes, one of my goals last year was to devote a little more time to myself and relax a little more. The truth is that I have succeeded, but as I liked this goal both this year again!

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